Even at its most preposterous, though, Atkinson’s prose is sharp … Unorthodox, irreverent, and diverting tales.


Kirkus Reviews

In Enough! Thirty Stories of Fielding Life’s Little Curve Balls, Caroline Taylor has compiled some of the best of her short stories into one captivating, memorable volume.


Colorado Book Review

An exciting series opener that delivers murder, drugs, and romance.


Kirkus Review

If this book doesn’t have you flipping pages long into the night, see your doctor. You may already be dead.


Jeff Edwards, bestselling author of SEA OF SHADOWS and STEEL WIND RISING

Lucy and her wild,page-turning exploits will definitely satisfy those looking for a story chock-full of adventure and chicanery with a tough, tenacious, and tender heroine at its heart.


Colorado Book Review

David S. Atkinson makes the absurd 100% believable. These stories are hilarious and real. Atkinson is on his way to becoming the master of absurdity.


Nathaniel Tower, author of Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands

Ghosted is a story of love, life and moving on.


Susan Faw, Author of the Spirit Shield Saga

A fast-paced thriller that will keep you breathless and wanting more. Robin Fox is one of the best heroes to come along in quite a while.


Leo Maloney, author of TERMINATION ORDERS and ARCH ENEMY

By turns funny, maddening, and genuinely insightful, it’s one of the most imaginatively weird and original books I’ve read in a while.


Joseph Hirsch, author of The Bastard’s Grimoire

I was bowled over! It’s fantastic!!! Gripping.Gritty. Instant and vivid characterizations. Suspenseful. Surprising twists!Holy cow!


Sonja Massie, author of more than 60 published works including the bestselling novel Far and Away adapted from the movie by Ron Howard starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.


Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Award

Myssy’s great sense of humor and her passion for the environment shine through in this eco-thriller. Really enjoyed it.


Pamela Power, author of Ms Conception and Things Unseen.

A fiendishly clever stew of mind games, bioterror, and a new breed of extremist malice. Mind Virus is one heck of a ride.


Barry Lancet, award-winning author of THE SPY

… an eclectic mix of brilliantly funny characters that caused me to laugh out loud. Full of family and laughter, it’s a book I could not put down until the end.


Maggie Marr, author of The Hollywood Girl’s Club series

Grant’s first collection of short stories and its mixed themes of cultural confusion, payback and chance are a great primer for anyone in need of a crash course on the troubled times we live in.


John Hemingway

4.5 STARS … a saucy, delightful romp through eighteenth-century La Nouvelle-Orléans.


Colorado Book Review

Wry, wise and hysterically funny, Over the Moon by Linda Joffe Hull is mommy lit at its best.


Kay Bergstrom, USA TODAY bestselling author of Mountain Shelter and Mountain Blizzard (writing as Cassie Miles)

Frog Kisses has everything—humor, pathos, romance, and wisdom.


Jessica Lourey, author of the Murder-by-Month mysteries

The plot culminates in an interesting and unexpected climax–one that is sure to take you by surprise. All in all, Melissa Volker delivers an entertaining story of romance and suspense that will please her current fans and garner her new ones.


Colorado Book Review


Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award
Killer Nashville Claymore Award
Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Award

The dialogue sizzles with humour, tension and chemistry.


Elisabeth Hobbes, author of The Blacksmith’s Wife and Falling for her Captor.

Attention is the rare and pure form of generosity. In ENOUGH!, Caroline Taylor pays attention to the small heroes of our everyday lives: those important cogs that surround us. She presents them with both wit and grace.


Ruth Moose, professor emeritus of creative writing at the University of Carolina, and author of Neighbors and Other Strangers

Michaels does a good job with setting a scene and using the kind of detail that paints a clear picture of Twist’s environment. It is in its third act that Still Black Remains comes alive. The action is well done, to the point but visceral and complete.


Colorado Book Review

The pacing is breathless, but don’t turn the pages too fast, so you can enjoy all aspects of this well-built mystery. Sue Hinkin has found her purpose in this well-written, engaging and clever novel.  Already looking forward to the next one!


Susan Myhre Hayes is the author of Peace in the Puzzle: Becoming Your Intended Self and uses her    book to support groups and individuals as they search for their unique purpose.peaceinthepuzzle.com

Caroline Taylor’s stories are taut, pointed, and consistently intriguing—not to mention potent reminders of the dramatic arcs that shape even the most ordinary lives.


Louis Bayard, author of Lucky Strike

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