Blake Johnson wrote his first novel at the age of seventeen, and he hasn’t stopped writing since. Born in the fall of ’93, Blake grew up in Bangor, Maine—not too far from Stephen King’s house—where he developed a love of story and a distaste for drawn-out winters.

To date, he’s written six novel length manuscripts, three novellas, and a slew of short stories. His short fiction has appeared in various literary magazines and journals, including Mud Season Review, Brilliant Flash Fiction, and Déraciné, and his noir-toned novella Prodigal: An American Parable will be released soon from Trouble Department. While he’s partial to the strange, the off-beat, and the speculative, his own writing tends to be eclectic—he has written everything from gritty noir, to fantasy, to literary fiction. What unites each and every piece he puts to paper is an unabashed love of story.

In order to support his writing endeavors, Blake has worked as a guitar teacher, a college level tutor, in mental health services, and has held several positions in the service industry. When he’s not writing books or reading them, he loves to watch reruns of Seinfeld and The Office. Other obsessions include exercising, his cat Flash, gaming, and eating entire pizzas in one sitting.

He currently lives in Florida, where he is doggedly pursuing his career as a fiction writer and working toward a degree in English from the University of Central Florida Online. You can often find him hanging out in the Twitterverse under the handle @bjohnsonauthor and can read more of his work on 

You can reach him on social media at:

Twitter & Instagram: @bjohnsonauthor

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