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    Apocalypse All the Time by: David S. Atkinson $13.99

    Apocalypse All the Time is post-post-apocalypticism. The apocalypse happens on a weekly (if not daily) basis and Marshall is sick of it. Life is constantly in peril, constantly disrupted, but nothing significant every really happens as a result. It’s always handled. Marshall wants out; he wants it all to end. In short, the book explores what about the end times holds such fascination for humanity and what impact such a fascination has on the way we live our lives.

    David S. Atkinson’s interview with Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

    Apocalypse All the Time is also available for purchase and instant download as an eBook.

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    Ghosted by: Judith Docken $13.99

    Hannah wants to relocate herself and her cat, Jimi, to the countryside of Calgary. So, when she finds a turn-of-the-century home in a small town at a good price she jumps at the opportunity.

    Shortly after she moves in, strange noises, disturbances, and slamming doors hamper her efforts to make any changes in the house. Jimi starts acting odd, and the disturbances only increase in intensity. But Hannah is no quitter. By talking with long-time residents of her town, and with the help of a psychic, Hannah pieces together the tragic story of her resident ghost.

    Will this new home and its non-corporeal occupant be exactly what Hannah needs to move on and find new love?

    Editorial Reviews

    Docken has created a modern fairy tale – a delightful story, full of whimsy and mystery that she uses to explore deeper issues of fear, loss and finding common sense solutions to life’s more profound problems. She is a master of detail – you “see” her house and its furnishings. She skillfully builds tension, so before you know it, you are in the midst of a puzzle that she must solve before she can move on in life – all with her beloved companion Jimi by her side. – Karen E Lee, author of The Full Catastrophe: A Memoir

    “Hannah wants but two things in her life; Jimi and a home to share with him. But when they discover their dream house is inhabited by a cantankerous spirit, they bhundred-year-oldear old search for the history and identity of their unwanted guest. Guided by the strange habits of the poltergeist and the stories of local residents, Hannah discovers that the two of them are not that different. Hannah is uniquely qualified to assist the ghost into acceptance of his past, but the help is reciprocal, for Hannah is fighting ghosts of her own. They just aren’t dead yet. Ghosted is a story of love, life and moving on. Speaking of which, there goes the door again. Drafty old place…” ~ Susan Faw, Author of the Spirit Shield Saga.

    Ghosted is also available for purchase and instant download as an eBook.

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    Mexicali Blues by: Joseph Grant $9.99

    Set on the Mexico-California border, Mexicali Blues is a moody collection of 10 short stories that illustrates how the small choices we make every day bring redemption or loss, salvation or downfall.

    In the Foreword, John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway, says “The image Joseph gives of the California-Mexican Border and the people who live there is at the same time realistic and romantic, poetic and matter of fact. Tables are often turned and the strong and the weak are defeated by a culture that knows no pity, no remorse.”

    Mexicali Blues is also available for purchase and instant download as an eBook.

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    Mind Virus by: Charles Kowalski $17.99

    NO ONE

    Robin Fox, peace-loving professor of world religions, wants only to leave his dark past as a military interrogator behind him. But when an unknown suspect tries to disperse a deadly virus in downtown Washington, Fox is unwillingly drawn back into the shadowy world of intelligence.


    The FBI and CIA automatically suspect Islamic terrorists, but Fox digs deeper to discover the far more frightening truth: a global conspiracy to eradicate all religion from the face of the earth.


    From Washington to Jerusalem, from Rome to London, Fox must use all his wits in a perilous race to stop a psychopathic mastermind from unleashing worldwide devastation.

    * * *


    Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Award


    Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award

    Killer Nashville Claymore Award

    Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Award

    Charles Kowalski’s interview with Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.


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    Not Quite So Stories by: David S. Atkinson $9.99

    Not Quite So Stories showcases the idea that life is absurd, ultimately beyond comprehension. In each story, people try to understand and explain the world. They may be able to come to terms with small pieces, but existence as a whole is beyond their grasp. Life isn’t explainable, and the best people can do is continue on with their lives in the face of that fact. The stories in this collection proceed from this idea, examining how different characters manage – and/or fail – to do this.

    Not Quite So Stories is also available for purchase and instant download as an eBook.

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    Still Black Remains by: Kevin Michaels $13.99

    Twist has a problem. His Newark, New Jersey neighborhood is under siege in a bloody turf war that has spun out of control, and he is caught in the middle.  In a landscape filled with desperation, anger, and futility, there are only violent choices, and one of them is Twist’s: as one of the leaders of the Skulls, he is the architect of his gang’s decision to kidnap an organized crime mobster in a last-ditch attempt to end the war.  But the plan doesn’t turn out as expected.

    When the negotiations deteriorate and the violence escalates, the only recourse left is the execution of the hostage.  As a volatile situation grows more explosive by the hour, the lines between right and wrong blur. And for Twist, the resolution comes with a price.

    Still Black Remains captures the struggle to realize the American Dream against a violent backdrop when the only choices are to do whatever it takes–and through any means possible.

    Kevin Michael’s interview with Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

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    The Pirate’s Bride by: Cathy Skendrovich $13.99

    All Sophie Bellard wants is her freedom, freedom to sail the seven seas, and freedom to be her own person without interference from some controlling husband. But an arranged marriage to handsome and dangerous Captain Andre Dubois derails all her hopes. After a disastrous wedding night where a ruinous secret is discovered, the two go their separate ways with hopes of never meeting again.

    Sophie becomes a pirate, while Andre sets off for the Orient where he makes a murderous enemy. After escaping with his life, Andre returns to home waters, and in an unexpected twist of pirate fate, reunites with his estranged and unwilling wife.

    When Andre’s murderous enemy threatens Sophie’s life, he vows to protect what is his, and attempts to win his wife’s forgiveness and love, once and for all.