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Paradise in Mourning

Paradise in Mourning

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Ex boyfriends are the least of Tam Paradiso’s problems.


She’s got a murdered senatorial intern, a grumpy new cop partner, and a sister who decided to travel back to an ancient world where violence is the norm. For what? Research purposes? Really?


Not only that, Tam’s current love, Christopher Marlowe, a sixteenth-century time traveler, is all about chivalry and jumps through the portal with Isabelle to protect her. If Izzy had stayed home and read a book like a normal nerd, then Marlowe would still be here, preferably in Tam’s bed.


Instead, Tam still has a case to solve and a pesky Ex to deal with. The fact that he broke her heart, she can handle. That he lied to her, betrayed her, put her in danger? Okay. But the kicker is he's a former fae warrior, banished to her realm, and now has fae assassins after him or anyone in their way. Magical poisoners, the deadliest archers in fae history, and Redcaps who basically shred things for fun. In her city? No way.


This is definitely a Paradiso problem

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