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Twist has a problem. His Newark, New Jersey neighborhood is under siege in a bloody turf war that has spun out of control.  As one of the leaders of the Skulls, Twist devises a last-ditch attempt to end the war by kidnapping a high-ranking member of the rival gang with the hope of forcing them into submission. But his plan doesn’t turn out as expected.

When negotiations deteriorate and violence escalates, the only recourse left is the execution of the hostage.  As a volatile situation grows more explosive by the hour, the lines between right and wrong blur. And for Twist, resolution comes at a price.

Still Black Remains captures the struggle to realize the American Dream in a landscape filled with desperation, anger, and futility, where the only choices are violent ones.

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About the Author

Kevin Michaels is the author of the critically acclaimed debut novel LOST EXIT, as well as two entries in the FIGHT CARD BOOKS series: HARD ROAD and CAN’T MISS CONTENDER. His collection of short stories entitled NINE IN THE MORNING was released in April 2014. His short stories and flash fiction have also appeared in a number of magazines and indie zines, and in 2011 he was nominated for two separate Pushcart Prize awards for his short stories. Other shorts have been included in the anthologies for SIX SENTENCES (volumes II and III) and ACTION: PULSE POUNDING TALES (2).

In April 2017 his latest novel STILL BLACK REMAINS was published by Literary Wanderlust LLC.

He has also published a number non-fiction articles in print publications ranging from the and the Life/Style section of The Boston Globe to The Bergen News and Press Journal, and has been found in print at places like the triCity News, NY Daily News, and The Press. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Story Tellers which is a community-based organization that develops and promotes literacy through writing. Story Tellers provides under-served teenagers, young adults, and women from distressed situations the opportunity to discover the strength and power of their own voices (self-empowerment through self-expression).

Visit him at his website He also shows up periodically at: SLIDING DOWN THE RAZOR’S EDGE to offer opinions and POV on topics ranging from violence against women, sexual assaults on college campuses, and domestic violence to politics, education, and his increasing anger and disappointment at the NFL.

Originally from New Jersey, he carries the attitude, edginess, and love of all things Bruce Springsteen common in his home state, although he left the Garden State to live and work in the foothills of the Appalachians (Georgia).