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Literary Wanderlust began in 2014 with the goal of helping new and experienced authors achieve their dreams of publishing. We are a coalition of editors and publishing professionals working together to make our authors successful, and our goal is to grow slowly but steadily by publishing books we love.

We are a royalty paying, traditional publisher of print and digital books. We publish well-written novels in various genres. Check our submissions page to see what we are currently acquiring.

We never charge reading fees, and we never charge our authors for any of our services.

We are not a hybrid publisher.

Our initial royalty rates for first-time authors are 10% for print, and 25% for digital. Subsequent books' royalty rates are negotiable.

We publish print and digital works simultaneously. Contracts are negotiable.

We support our authors with quality editing and commercial covers.

We truly believe in a publisher / author marketing partnership where we market books, but also expect our authors to do some marketing tasks for their books. We work together with our authors to create a detailed marketing plan to reach as many readers as possible. Our authors’ successes are our successes.

We accept unsolicited manuscripts. We do not accept previously-published manuscripts. We process submissions usually within 3-4 months. Word counts should be approximately 65,000 to 100,000 words for full-length fiction novels. View our submissions page for more information.

Literary Wanderlust is a member of Independent Book Publishers Association

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