Mandy Miller is an attorney currently living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with her husband and Talisker, a rescue mutt. Before moving to Steamboat, she practiced law in Chicago, New York, Latin America, and South Florida.

Mandy is originally from Scotland, but lived in more than a dozen countries with her family before moving to the United States for college. With an undergraduate degree in Spanish and French Literature, she needed to do something to pay the bills, so she did what any good liberal arts student who can write would do, she went to law school. After eighteen years as a corporate lawyer, she planned her escape to another professional life teaching psychology. More school ensued and a Ph.D. in Psychology was granted, but the great escape was not to be. She was dragged back to the law to use her legal and psychological powers for good as a criminal lawyer, specializing in the representation of individuals with mental health and addiction issues in the criminal justice system.

Thankfully, no ‘good’ crime occurs in Steamboat, so she spends her spare time making up murder and mayhem. In her spare time, she competes in ultramarathons. States of Grace is her first novel.

States of Grace

Disgraced prosecutor and disabled Army veteran Grace Locke is one misstep away from losing her law license for good. Fresh out of jail, living in a no-tell-motel, and eating ramen, Grace has no option but to turn to the dark side, defending the types of criminals she used to relish locking up. To make things worse, she's fighting the opioid addiction that got her in this mess in the first place.


With few options to salvage her career, Grace schemes to defend a trust-fund teen accused of capital murder to pay the bills. But her plan has two flaws. One—Grace believes accused equals guilty. Two—the accused is the daughter of the beauty queen who stole Grace's husband.


Much to her surprise, Grace soon discovers her client may not be guilty after all. With the cops looking the other way and misdirecting her every step, the only explanation that makes sense to Grace is the dead guy was neck deep in the criminal underworld.


When Grace discovers irrefutable evidence of her client's innocence, the race is on to find the real killer and leads her deep inside Florida's illegal pill mill trade. But is it be too late for Grace to save her young client from the death chamber and herself from ruin?

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