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A.I. Winters is an award-winning author known for her works of horror and fantasy. She is the author of the young adult fantasy novels Strange Luck, The Nightmare Birds, and A Darling Secret.

She currently lives in Los Angeles. When not writing books, she enjoys breaking a sweat in Jiu-Jitsu class, baking, and traveling.

You can find her on social media at:

Summoner of Sleep

In the isolated mountain town of Marble Woods, the townspeople harbor a dangerous secret. It’s here, away from the civilized world, that they can experiment with human genetics that have the power to alter your mind and body. When Ryder Ashling, a down-on-his-luck longtime sufferer of nightmares, discovers the town, he thinks he’s found a cure, but bears witness to their research and its terrifying, inevitable unraveling.

In exploring the disturbing crossroads of genetic manipulation and lust for youth and control of the physical, Winters’ cautionary tale of the perversion of natural order and desire will entice and rattle readers in this thought-provoking tale of terror.

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