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Ali Ives is a writer, artist and daydreamer. She grew up with a love for reading, art and creativity that hasn't waned with adulthood. Working in a small indie bookshop near where she lives in rural Ontario has only made her love and appreciate the world of books all the more. When she isn't writing or surrounded by books, you're likely to find her drawing, wandering around her property with her dog, or covered in dirt and grass-stains from her other part-time work as a lily gardener. The story that would eventually develop into her first novel started taking form all the way back in her teen years, with the characters filling up many a sketchbook and doodled on the edges of her schoolwork

The Winding

In a world of gods and monsters, the future rests on a toss of the dice.


Mikalai Gloucester doesn’t believe in gods. Until the day one nearly gets him killed, and magic turns his life upside down…


Gloucester, once a bodyguard to the high minister of Frettchen, was imprisoned for a crime he doesn’t remember committing. But when someone attempts to assassinate the minister, he is set free in exchange for tracking down the culprit before they try again.


During his investigation, a magical encounter puts his life in peril, and he is forced to seek refuge with Zane Zephyr, a vivacious clockmaker with connections to the world of the supernatural. As Gloucester and Zane dig deeper into the minister’s secrets, they become entangled in the mystery of a missing demigod known as the Gambler.


Faced with spells, bombs, and powerful beings hellbent on revenge, he and Zane must work together to find the Gambler and save the high minister—or risk the fall of Frettchen.

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