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Deborah Kelly is an educator with more than thirty years of experience. At present, she splits her time between Texas and Russia, giving her in-depth knowledge of other cultures. She writes Romantic Suspense and YA Speculative Fiction. Kelly is a member of RWA, ACFW, and The Writer’s League of Texas. She’s also won several awards including: The International Reading Association’s Louisiana Chapter – 1st Place in fiction; 2016 Finalist – The Writer’s League of Texas Manuscript Contest; 2018 Triple Finalist - The Writer’s League of Texas Manuscript Contest.

Heat Index

Three murders… Two sexy Special Agents… One small house…

Nick, alpha-male private-investigator, is assembling a team to go undercover at a Florida high-school where teenagers are being murdered and left exposed on the school’s fifty-yard line. He needs a team that can help him infiltrate the school and catch this killer. Nick doesn’t expect to see the spark in the eyes of the sexy analyst assigned to his team, but it makes him want to push her more than anyone else on the squad.

MaKenzie, reclusive bookworm, is comfortable with her desk job in intelligence gathering. Though she has been training to be in the field the last several months with her brother, she isn’t looking forward to coming face-to-face with a real life bad guy. Newly divorced, she’s looking for a change of pace, not another man to run her life, but can’t help her budding feelings for her hotter-than-sin team leader.

Together, MaKenzie and Nick will go undercover to track down the murderer. In unfamiliar territory amongst the Florida swamps, tensions rise, and the case becomes more and more personal for MaKenzie as she develops new, unexpected friendships. Will the duo uncover the killer before another death occurs? Or will the heat between Nick and MaKenzie burn everyone under the Floridian sun?

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