E.J. Dawson both credits and blames her mother—by reading The Lord of the Rings aloud to E.J. twice—for her complete absorption with the world of fiction. Growing up in a haunted mansion sandwiched between an abandoned mine and an endless pine plantation should have been all the fuel E.J.’s imagination needed, but her parents filled her life with stories: about themselves, their lives, and the ones they had found through the pages of books.

Writing all through her early years and completing her first book at sixteen years old, E.J. let a wonderful pastime fall into a vague hobby. When she turned thirty, and doctors told E.J. she might not be able to have children, she had to find meaning in life again. Her sole focus turned to the one thing that made her happy: writing.

When E.J. is not writing or working in a small country town on council permits, she’s walking her two rescue special needs dogs, spending time with her husband, or curled up with a book. E.J. has several books currently out in The Last Prophecy series. You can connect with her at www.ejdawson.com and twitter@ejdawsonauthor.

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