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Gordon Haynes  was born in a land far, far away. A land full of marvellous things and odd creatures like platypuses and numbats, though none are odder than a Gordon. Writing began as a trade. His career as an advertising copywriter has seen him weave many a tale for this brand and that. Many awards won, too. But weaving tales for Aardvarks R Us and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Aardvark isn’t as much fun as just weaving tales for tales’ sake. 

Most times you’ll find Gordon hunched over a keyboard, tapping away with two fingers, occasionally three (never four). If not hunching, then he’s probably being walked along the banks of the Swan River by his American Staffy, Gabby.  

Other oddish things about Gordon: prefers instant coffee to freshly brewed; wonders why he has a beard, shaves it off, then wonders why he doesn’t have a beard; believes if you squint hard enough, you can see anything.

Connect with Gordon:

Facebook: gordon.haynes.33

Twitter: @GordonDHaynes1