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Gregory Josephs is an author of speculative and LGBT fiction who spends a lot of time indulging his insatiable curiosity—about everything. He believes in self-love, authentic food, and that procrastination is the product of an intensely creative mind.

Though he was raised in Colorado, Gregory spent many of his summers in Wisconsin, where he fell in love with the idea of everything North.

Growing up in the west, at some point there was more hot sauce than blood running through his veins, and thanks to his foodie parents it’s a rare day that he doesn't down a jalapeño. He's a foodie too, now (with a serious addiction to cooking magazines). When he isn't writing he's likely in the kitchen fermenting something—bread dough, cheese, sauerkraut, and of course, peppers!

Unable to resist the allure of a northern climate, Gregory relocated to Massachusetts in his early twenties, where he’s lived ever since. He is passionate about the local food movement, and has been volunteering one day a week at an organic community farm since 2016.

Alongside his photographer husband, Gregory regularly collects fiestaware and sips whiskey while entertaining his two rambunctious cats, and a dog. He can't imagine a better life.

The Confluence

The gods created it to ensure a perfect timeline… so why would the coin link together two people from a half century apart?

Elliot, a young man postponing college to save up money and leave his difficult home life, finds himself stuck in the past when Cam, his secret childhood crush, returns to town. Elliot is forced to confront old wounds, and is struggling to confess his true feelings about Cam, when he finds a mysterious coin that brings on strange hallucinations of a missing girl from 1959.

Deep in the swampy lush lands of 1950's Massachusetts, eight-year-old Sofia is shocked when she, but not her parents, sees Elliot standing in her flower garden. Elliot warns Sofia of the double-homicide of her parents set to happen in six days. The case was marked as unsolvable in Elliot’s time because the clues all were washed away by a devastating once-in-a-century-flood. In view of this news, Sofia struggles to convince her parents she isn’t simply an imaginative little girl but communicating with Elliot from the future.

With time growing short, Sofia desperately tries to ensure her parents stay alive, Elliot battles against the inner demons ripping him away from Sofia’s numbered days, and the harbingers of fate fight to take back control of the coin that binds Sofia and Elliot together. Can Elliot overcome his own problems as he and his grade school crush attempt to stop a sixty year old cold case?

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