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Jacquelyn Marker is a Hoosier through and through. Although she’s a bit of a city girl, she’s an expert on cooking corn and bacon. Her husband of nearly twenty years is helpless to her magical wife powers and loves her for all of the ornery challenges she brings to their lives.

She has two children. The oldest is learning that her mother was right and that the adult world is a cruel place. The youngest is trudging the brackish waters of high school. She has two cats, Atticus and Scout, a mixed breed dog that cries until you pet him, and a crazy corgi pup that never does anything wrong. Ever.

Jacquelyn has had a love for books her entire life, but is in love with reading romance. Since experiencing her first romance novel, she has dreamed of putting pen to paper to bring a new angle to the genre.

Queen Pin


I’m the sheltered princess of the infamous Scalise crime family. My life was comfortable while my twin brother ran the business. I never imagined him going missing, that I’d have to take over an entire mafia, or that I couldn't trust those closest to me to find him. My options are slim, I'm a klutz, and blackmailing the way-too-sexy Henry, a cop of all things, to find my brother might not be my brightest idea. 


I’m a Miami cop with a screw-up for a brother, and I’m always cleaning up his messes. His latest stunt has landed an adorably feisty redhead in my living room, making me an offer I can’t refuse. This woman who has no clue what "spank bank" means should not be in charge of a criminal organization, let alone blackmailing me. And succeeding.


The unlikely pair battles crime lords as well as their undeniable chemistry. Why not throw in a gator farm, a masquerade ball, and a mafia war? Charlotte and Henry need to find her brother, and navigate their red-hot attraction, before the secrets of the Scalise family catch up to them. 

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Make War

All is fair in love and war. Will the fire of passion in this comedy of errors bring Sam and Reid together, or will it leave them burned?


Sam Valentine is the definition of a boss bitch. She is one promotion away from becoming president of her elite brokerage firm, and has a string of lovers along Chicago’s Miracle Mile. The one thing that could shake up her world is the Adonis in Armani standing in her boss’s office. The last time she saw him, he was naked under a waterfall in Barbados!


Reid Gallagher never imagined he would see his vacation tryst standing in his father’s office. He certainly never imagined they would be competing for the same job. Ever since she left the Caribbean, he has fantasized about getting closer to the hot-as-sin Sam––in and out of the bedroom.


The war that ensues is nothing short of outrageous. The weapons of choice are vibrators, whips, and drag queens. The combat zones include the conference room, a mud wrestling pit, and a strip club. No one ever said war wasn’t messy. In the battlefield of love, to the victor go the spoils, unless this couple can learn to set aside their differences, and surrender to passion.

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