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Jon Christian's credo is that individuals naturally gravitate toward the positive energy in life, and are at their best when left to their own devices. For good or bad, his work will always explore this proposition. When not writing, you can find Jon at his Colorado based ranch introducing his two rambunctious boys to mother nature.


After the 2nd Civil War tears America into three separate territories, Case Tappan, a devout pacifist, discovers his vision of a perfect society is under threat from the President of the United States and his deadly Reclamation movement.


Unfortunately, Case’s attempts at peaceful negotiation lands him in a prison destined to be decimated by US bombs. He is dependent on a young and beautiful, yet conflicted US Army Private, Renna Jensen, to secure his freedom and ultimately the legacy of his movement.


The survival of Case and his precious territory, hinges on his ability to show a world bent on corruption and greed, that a better future is already here.

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