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Joy Jarrett enjoys imagining something creepy in every situation, starting with a fourth-grade theater production when she became convinced a monster lived under the stage. She might not let different foods touch on her plate, yet she's fearless when it comes to mixing love stories and horror in her scary good romances. Joy is currently a school librarian, but has worked in a pet store, a safari park, and vet hospitals and holds a Zoology degree. Animals always feature in her writing. On a good day, her two cats and two pugs make room on the couch for Joy and her family. They live outside Denver, where Joy experiences frequent shaming that she's never gone skiing in her life. She enjoys reading, traveling, board games, and going with her English husband to explore castles in Britain, where she finds plenty of romantic, spooky inspiration.

Curse of the Orkney Sea

Joy Jarrett’s second novel shimmers with delight and young adult magic woven together with an impressive setting, legends and mythology, and a well-written dynamic plot.


Morag’s summer trip with her family and friends to a castle in Orkney, Scotland could fix all her problems. There's no way her parents will keep fighting once they're back in the place they honeymooned. Her best friend's hot brother will have to notice her when they spend months together. That AP art class she has to retake? She'll pass it this time, now that she's thought of the best theme for her portfolio: Orkney mythology. 


Only it doesn't take Morag much time on the island to suspect Orkney mythology might be less myth and more fact. Strange lights in the water, odd footprints in the castle, and shadowy figures are only the beginning. It's obvious the islanders are frightened of something in the sea, and that Morag’s family are unwelcome.


As the summer solstice approaches, Morag’s problems condense down to one: Get everyone off the island—alive. But the only way that can happen is if Morag figures out who she truly is before time runs out.

Old Cravings

A Scary Good Romance

Veterinarian Piper is pragmatic enough to know her marriage wasn’t working, which is why she left Dylan a year ago and pretends it hasn’t hurt like hell every day since. Then Dylan calls out of the blue and tells her to come right away for an animal emergency. Piper arrives on the ranch that used to be her home to find her horse savagely killed. She can’t fathom what could have done it. One thing, however, is obvious. Piper still loves Dylan.


Dylan isn't over Piper, not by a long shot. After her horse was ripped apart by something he’s pretty sure wasn’t a bear, it feels so good to hold Piper in his arms again. If only they could find a way To undo the mess that drove them apart.


An epic blizzard hits, trapping Piper and Dylan on the ranch for what just might be their one chance at reuniting. But as things get a whole lot scarier, it’s clear something evil has brought them together.


Hunted by the supernatural, they must fight for their lives, but can they also fight for their love?

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