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Judith Docken is an author, artist and freelance writer. As well as Ghosted, she has published gardening articles in Mother Earth News, SF Gate and Modern Mom online magazines, and was published in an anthology of Canadian short stories called That Golden Summer by Polar Expressions Publishing. Her debut novel, Ghosted: A Novel of Life, Love and Moving On is set in her home town of Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.


Hannah wants to relocate herself and her cat, Jimi, to the countryside of Calgary. So, when she finds a turn-of-the-century home in a small town at a good price she jumps at the opportunity.

Shortly after she moves in, strange noises, disturbances, and slamming doors hamper her efforts to make any changes in the house. Jimi starts acting odd, and the disturbances only increase in intensity. But Hannah is no quitter. By talking with long-time residents of her town, and with the help of a psychic, Hannah pieces together the tragic story of her resident ghost.

Will this new home and its non-corporeal occupant be exactly what Hannah needs to move on and find new love?

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