L.E. Towne

Knight of the Crescent Moon

Tam must protect her city and open her heart—before time runs out.

Homicide Detective Tam Paradiso really doesn’t need more complications, but, she spends her days keeping the streets of Philadelphia safe from gangsters and her nights keeping the innocents safe from supernatural monsters. Not only is she trying not to get taken out by hostiles every night, but she has to hide her monster hunting from the one person she trusts most—her cop partner, Xavier.

The last thing Tam needs are additional complications, but when sixteenth century British playwright Christopher Marlowe appears during one of her hunts, saves her from death by ghoul, and then asks her help to hunt down a strigoi running loose in the city, Tam finds herself embroiled in a more sinister plot than she ever could have imagined.

Between hunting the bloodthirsty monster, sniffing out a mole in the Philadelphia PD, and uncovering her own family secrets, Tam is afraid to fall for the handsome, velvet-caped, time-traveling, stranger—especially since he will be zapped back to his time period in less than a week. Can Tam and Marlowe track down the beast before time runs out? Will Tam face her feelings for Marlowe before it’s too late?


Battle for Daylight


 Christopher Marlowe battles his destiny to get back to the present and to the love of his life, Tam Paradiso. But when he finally escapes Tudor London for modern-day Philadelphia, it’s two years in Tam’s past, and she has no idea who he is. He can comfort her as she mourns her dead father and charm her family as they accept that Tam’s destiny is linked with his. He can even help her fight the mysterious rain spirit responsible for a series of grisly murders. But can he make her fall in love with him all over again?



 After two years as an undercover vice officer, Tam Paradiso wants out. She belongs in the homicide division as a detective like her father was. But she’s up against her partner, the beautiful and reckless Ava Knox, for the job. When Tam’s father dies suddenly, she reaches her low point. Still, she must solve a serial murder case, keep her interfering family at bay, and fend off a crazy, sexy time traveler who claims they are lovers in her future. At least her murder suspect is a human villain, not a supernatural one. Or is it? 


Paradise in Mourning


Ex boyfriends are the least of Tam Paradiso’s problems. 


She’s got a murdered senatorial intern, a grumpy new cop partner, and a sister who decided to travel back to an ancient world where violence is the norm. For what? Research purposes? Really? 


Not only that, Tam’s current love, Christopher Marlowe, a sixteenth-century time traveler, is all about chivalry and jumps through the portal with Isabelle to protect her. If Izzy had stayed home and read a book like a normal nerd, then Marlowe would still be here, preferably in Tam’s bed.  


Instead, Tam still has a case to solve and a pesky Ex to deal with. The fact that he broke her heart, she can handle. That he lied to her, betrayed her, put her in danger? Okay. But the kicker is he's a former fae warrior, banished to her realm, and now has fae assassins after him or anyone in their way. Magical poisoners, the deadliest archers in fae history, and Redcaps who basically shred things for fun. In her city? No way. 


This is definitely a Paradiso problem

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