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Melissa A. Volker lives in Cape Town with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing, she is surfing her stand up paddle board in the cold, sharky waters of False Bay.

A Fractured Land

Left with a huge debt by her runaway ex-husband, Lexi Taylor is out of money and out of luck. In search of a new beginning and determined to be on her own, she moves back home to sleepy Graaff Reinet to run the inn at Apricot Farm. Free of the problems of her old life, Lexi finally feels she’s getting back on track—until American Carter O’Brien arrives in town.

South Africa is a long way from his home in Texas, but it’s the fresh start Carter needs—and his last chance. A former musician and the wayward son of an oil industry tycoon, he has been sent to the Karoo Basin to search for shale gas, and is expected to succeed. Harboring some serious mistakes in his past with his work and his ex, Carter can’t afford any distractions, no matter how beautiful.

Carter was prepared for potential problems—fracking protests, angry farmers, violent resistance to his presence—but fighting his attraction to Lexi wasn’t one of them. But as Lexi gets drawn in to Carter’s work and his life, the pair must confront danger from an unknown enemy in the Karoo . . . and from their own hearts.

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