Nicole Sallak Anderson is a novelist, mother, movement educator, software engineer, speaker, futurist and blogger, focusing on eHumanity: The intersection of technology, culture and consciousness. She’s Computer Science graduate from Purdue University. After graduation, she developed encryption key management and network security software for two-way radio systems. She currently lives with her husband and sons on two acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California, where she indulges in her novelist fantasies as well as a variety of homesteading hobbies, from beekeeping and raising chickens and goats, to spinning and knitting.

She is a regular speaker at the Bay Area Transhumanist conferences, a member of the advisory board for the Lifeboat Foundation,, and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies,

You can follow her musings on technology, culture and human consciousness at eHuman Dawn on Facebook, @NSallakAnderson on Twitter and Medium or her blog, Feel free to contact her, she almost always answers to any query or comment!



In the year 205 B.C., after centuries of Persian and Macedonian occupation, a rebel king rises from the south to take Ancient Egypt back unto native hands.

Born Prince Ankhmakis, the last in a line of native Egyptian kings, he is raised with one purpose—to help his father reclaim Egypt from the Macedonian occupiers and return their country to dynastic greatness. Fate, however, has its own plans.

Natasa is in training to become the High Priestess of the Temple of Isis. Her task is to strengthen the royal family with the magic of the goddess through love and pleasure. She never thought the connection between her and Ankhmakis could be so strong or carry a power coveted by those lurking in the shadows.

Together, Ankhmakis and Natasa must defend the potential of their love from those who would seek to use it for their own gain. There are those within the court who would do anything to keep Ankhmakis and Natasa apart. Between mystical forces, murder, and illicit schemes—only the gods know if they’ll survive.

Blood and Chaos

The second chapter of Lord Ankhwenefer's story is one of love, betrayal, and death. The world needs to know this forgotten king's tale so that the ghosts of the past may finally rest.

Prince Ankhmakis has left his beloved Natasa for war and treacherous obstacles block his path to becoming Egypt's last native king. He is the warrior that the men revere, and his orders are followed without question. He is strong and powerful with Natasa on his side, and the fear that breeds in those around him is more dangerous to Ankhmakis than the swords of the Greeks.

Natasa has risen higher in the mystic arts than any priestess before her-and she is in more peril because of it. All she desires is to assist her lover, Ankhmakis, in his quest to take back Egypt from the Macedonians once and for all, but his jealous queen, his plotting brother, and the truest evil in the world want nothing more than to be rid of her.

Natasa and Ankhmakis fight not only against the Greeks but also those at court who will do anything to see them both dead. Together, Ankhmakis would become a great general and Natasa the mystic healer who saves him. Apart, they may not survive.