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eBook Down the Hatch

eBook Down the Hatch

SKU: 978-1-956615-19-7
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In the idyllic village of Avebury, murder is on the menu.


Myrtle, new owner of the Witch’s Retreat B&B, juggles way too many plates. As if wrestling with erratic magic while running a business wasn’t enough, she faces pleas to lead the coven. Throw in the budding romance with “witch hunter” Chris and the shenanigans of Petty, the zombie flower, and Myrtle is in trouble.


Then the tourists start dying.


The police are called in, but Myrtle’s bestie, Sergeant Sarah Widdlethorpe, gets no chance to build her case. When the death count rises, the clues pile up—and they point way  too close to home. Myrtle has to act fast to save the coven from discovery.


But soon it becomes clear she’s facing something far worse than a serial killer…

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