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eBook - Queen Pin

eBook - Queen Pin

SKU: 978-1-956615-00-5
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I’m the sheltered princess of the infamous Scalise crime family. My life was comfortable while my twin brother ran the business. I never imagined him going missing, that I’d have to take over an entire mafia, or that I couldn't trust those closest to me to find him. My options are slim, I'm a klutz, and blackmailing the way-too-sexy Henry, a cop of all things, to find my brother might not be my brightest idea. 



I’m a Miami cop with a screw-up for a brother, and I’m always cleaning up his messes. His latest stunt has landed an adorably feisty redhead in my living room, making me an offer I can’t refuse. This woman who has no clue what "spank bank" means should not be in charge of a criminal organization, let alone blackmailing me. And succeeding. 


The unlikely pair battles crime lords as well as their undeniable chemistry. Why not throw in a gator farm, a masquerade ball, and a mafia war? Charlotte and Henry need to find her brother, and navigate their red-hot attraction, before the secrets of the Scalise family catch up to them. 

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