eBook Unseen

eBook Unseen


The Village of Ea, Spain 17th Century


Alaia has lived in the shadow of grief since her brother Benin and his friend Txomin died fighting as mercenaries for the powerful Inquisitor Judge of neighboring Navarre. In the two years since, the Inquisitor has taken over Ea and executed innocent women for witchcraft. Now Alaia's father is dying of Ocean Fever, a painful lung disease. Alaia is a gifted healer, however, and can cure him given enough time, but instead she must disappear, because the Inquisitor has accused her of practicing magic and intends to see her hang. 


Kindhearted Mateo has loved Alaia since childhood and vows to protect her from his bloodthirsty uncle Inquisitor. Together, they flee the coastal village in Mateo's boat, and once they're safe at sea, he shows her the crossbow sensor he designed to prove she is non magical. But, it does the opposite. Confused by his uncle's deceitful teachings about women and witchcraft, Mateo aims the bow toward Alaia, but she plunges into the ocean to save herself. As her life slips away, she receives help from the most unlikely source. Txomin returns from beyond the veil of death to guide and protect her. With the Inquisitor's men on their heels, the pair escapes through forests and towns until they reach their destination-the shrine where the Inquisitor tortures and kills many of his victims. 


Even as Alaia and Txomin evade capture, the Inquisitor's army gathers women and girls to the shrine. Having learned along the way much about life, death, and magic, the young healer emerges as warrior in a gripping, bloody battle. No longer hiding in the shadows, she now fights openly for a future without fear and persecution-and for the lives of everyone she loves. Can Alaia save her family and village from the dark clutches of the Inquisitor?


She heals with her magic, but she must become more to save their lives.