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Make War

Make War

SKU: 978-1-942856-60-3
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All is fair in love and war. Will the fire of passion in this comedy of errors bring Sam and Reid together, or will it leave them burned?


Sam Valentine is the definition of a boss bitch. She is one promotion away from becoming president of her elite brokerage firm, and has a string of lovers along Chicago’s Miracle Mile. The one thing that could shake up her world is the Adonis in Armani standing in her boss’s office. The last time she saw him, he was naked under a waterfall in Barbados!


Reid Gallagher never imagined he would see his vacation tryst standing in his father’s office. He certainly never imagined they would be competing for the same job. Ever since she left the Caribbean, he has fantasized about getting closer to the hot-as-sin Sam––in and out of the bedroom.


The war that ensues is nothing short of outrageous. The weapons of choice are vibrators, whips, and drag queens. The combat zones include the conference room, a mud wrestling pit, and a strip club. No one ever said war wasn’t messy. In the battlefield of love, to the victor go the spoils, unless this couple can learn to set aside their differences, and surrender to passion.

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