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Nightfall in Deptford

Nightfall in Deptford

SKU: 978-1-956615-08-1
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Murder and mayhem are old hat to Tam Paradiso. Time travel? That’s a new one.

On May 30, 1593, playwright and monster hunter Christopher Marlowe is destined to meet his demise amid a nest of spies and criminals. No one can change that, not even his love, Tam Paradiso, a homicide detective in present-day Philadelphia.

But something has gone wrong. The final days of Marlowe’s life have deviated from their destined course, corrupting the proper flow of time. Aided by visions from her sister, Isabelle, Tam travels back to 1593 to rescue Marlowe from the infamous Tower of London. She takes banished fae warrior Theo North, her former lover, as supernatural back-up.

To fix the timeline, they must plot Marlowe’s escape from the impenetrable White Tower, unravel the political conspiracy against him, and battle a vicious shifter with a role to play in his death. But even should they succeed, Tam will have no choice but to abandon Marlowe to his predestined tragic end, or risk destroying the future.

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