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The Crescent Moon Chronicles Box Set

The Crescent Moon Chronicles Box Set

SKU: 978-1-956615-41-8
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Dive into a world where time bends and destinies collide with the “Crescent Moon Chronicles”. Follow the electrifying journey of Tam Paradiso, a homicide detective balancing the grit of Philadelphia’s streets with the eerie secrets of the supernatural. In the first installment, Tam’s routine takes a turn when she crosses paths with the enigmatic Christopher Marlowe, a time-traveling savior who unlocks mysteries far beyond her imagination. As they race against time to thwart a malevolent strigoi and unravel deep-seated conspiracies, Tam’s heart becomes entangled with Marlowe’s, but their love faces a perilous countdown.


In the second book, Marlowe struggles to bridge the chasm of time to reclaim Tam’s heart, thrusting them into a perilous dance between past and present. Meanwhile, Tam grapples with personal demons and professional challenges, including a haunting murder case and the shadow of her own destiny. Amidst the chaos, a rain spirit wreaks havoc, testing their resolve and threatening to drown their chances at happiness.


As the saga unfolds in the third installment, Tam finds herself amidst a storm of chaos and betrayal. With her sister embroiled in ancient intrigues and her ex-lover’s fae past coming back to haunt them, Tam must navigate treacherous waters to protect her city and the ones she loves. But when the fabric of time unravels, Tam is faced with an impossible choice that could alter reality itself.


The final chapter sees Tam and Marlowe confront their greatest challenge yet: rewriting history itself. With the fate of the past and future hanging in the balance, they must outwit cunning adversaries and confront their own inner demons. Will love conquer all, or will the forces of destiny tear them apart forever? Discover the answers in the “Crescent Moon Chronicles,” where every page brims with danger, passion, and the timeless allure of urban fantasy.

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