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The Ticking

The Ticking

SKU: 978-1-956615-27-2
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In a city fallen to chaos, imagination turns deadly.


In this exciting sequel to The Winding, everyman-turned-hero Mikalai Gloucester finds himself swimming far out of his depths.


Two weeks have passed since Denken, a vicious demigod with the power to manipulate human thought, disappeared in the wake of a shocking confrontation. Unleashed upon the city of Frettchen, his magic sows fear and paranoia into the minds of all.


Worse, a horde of nightmarish creatures once locked safely away in Denken’s pocket dimension now roam free. Though Mikalai Gloucester has no magic of his own, he is determined to fight the beasts alongside his new friends, a motley band of magicians, scientists, and unusual beings.


Distrust threatens to tear them apart, but the group must work together to save one of their own and discover Denken’s plan for the city. It’s a race against the ticking clock to stop him before he destroys Frettchen for good.

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