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Ron Lewis 

enjoys a variety of books, especially those of action and adventure, appreciating an authors’ ability to grab the imagination and pull one into a story. He has spent over 20 years in college administration and rediscovered his own passion for research and writing while working on his master’s degree.

After completing graduate school, he dusted off old files and finished a movie screenplay started many years ago. Longing for a new challenge, he embarked on the journey of writing his first full-length novel. 

Ron lives on the Treasure Coast of Florida with his wife, daughter, and Shih-Poo puppy named Archie. In their spare time, the family enjoys travel, unique dining experiences, and the occasional Segway tour.

Seeker From Eden 3

What would you sacrifice to be free?

Debut author Ron Lewis presents a compelling dystopia in his YA sci-fi, Seeker from Eden 3. Following an environmental cataclysm, generations of sanctuary residents have lived strictly controlled lives in the self-sustaining facility built to preserve humanity. The hidden truth about their artificial world and ruling nobility, however, is dark and dangerous.

Opal Five is a brilliant young woman preparing for a prestigious career. But when she’s recruited by rebel Seekers who share with her the secrets of Eden 3, her worldview and vision for the future change overnight.

Subterfuge is Opal’s new reality. She begins a journey that takes her where she never expected to go . . . Outside. What—and who—will she encounter? If she survives the mission, Opal could change the course of life on Earth.

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