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Terri Benson Terri Benson has been creating stories and characters since grade school. Her books always include mystery, history, and a touch of romance. Research is her “rabbit hole” because there’s always something new (or old) to explore. She teaches classes on writing at a local Community College, writes humorous articles for magazines and newspapers, and blogs irregularly (that can be taken in more ways than one). She lives in Western Colorado where she writes while trying to keep her Brittany spaniel from batting her hands off the keyboard. When not writing, she works at a Business Incubator helping people start and grow their small businesses, and spends time in the outdoors with her husband and said spaniel. Website: Other books: Angel & Demon (coming soon) and An Unsinkable Love.

The Pickup Artist

Classic car restorer Renni Delacroix has a unique gift, one kept carefully hidden: when she touches a car, she sees its history. Focused on building her business in the small town of Rampart, Colorado, she hides the truth of her psychic ability.


But when a Marmon pickup is delivered, visions of terrified women jolt her clean off the old truck. She has no choice but to come forward, especially since one of the women was her best friend, murdered six months earlier. Renni explains what she saw to Detective Matt Brody. Skeptical, he’s surprised to find evidence the Marmon belonged to a serial killer known as the Rocky Mountain High Killer.


While battling Brody’s suspicions, and her growing attraction to him, Renni uses skills honed hunting down classic parts to unearth the killer. But will she be able to give their identity to Brody before she loses everything—her job, her home…even her life?

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