5 Star Review for The Pirate’s Bride!
" This was a quick and steamy read. I enjoyed the strong female character but it isn't until the end that you are convinced along with the heroine that she has chosen someone worthy of herself! —Ruthmogon "
5 Star Review For Apocalypse All the Time!
" I didn’t think David Atkinson could beat his quirky style in Not Quite so Stories but boy was I wrong! — Books Are Love "
Praise for Not Quite So Stories!
" There are few contemporary writers I've read who can convey so much weirdness, dry wit, and je ne sais quoi in such a small space as David S. Atkinson. —H.L Nelson, founding editor of Cease, Cows literary magazine and co-editor of Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up To No Good. "
A 5 Star Review for Ghosted!
" A great quick read. This story left me feeling really good. —Cathy Doll "
A 4 Star Review for Apocalypse All the Time!
" This book was absolutely hilarious. Imagine what life would be like if the world as we know it was always on the brink of ending.n be read and enjoyed over and over again. —Bailey Riddle "
Praise for Apocalypse All The Time
" Quirky and entertaining, Apocalypse All The Time paints a vivid picture of a world gone weird and one man’s daily struggle to manage while life crumbles around him on a regular basis. — Colorado Book Review "
More Praise for Mind Virus
" "A fiendishly clever stew of mind games, bioterror, and a new breed of extremist malice. Mind Virus is one heck of a ride." - Barry Lancet, award-winning author of THE SPY ACROSS THE TABLE "
Praise for Mind Virus No avatar
" “Charles Kowalski takes a frightening idea to its logical (and terrifying) conclusion. The kind of pulse-pounding adrenaline-pumping adventure tale that I associate with the best of Clive Cussler, Frederick Forsyth, and Ken Follett." —Jeff Edwards, bestselling author of SEA OF SHADOWS and STEEL WIND RISING "
Mind Virus
" "A fast-paced thriller that will keep you breathless and wanting more. Robin Fox is one of the best heroes to come along in quite a while." —Leo Maloney, author of TERMINATION ORDERS and ARCH ENEMY "
5 Star Review for Mind Virus!
" In Mind Virus, Kowalski skillfully tackles some of the largest issues of our time – namely religion and terrorism and their respective roles in shaping who we are as a global people. — Colorado Book Review "
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DAVID S. ATKINSON Style: ABSURDIST HUMOR David S. Atkinson is the author of Not Quite So Stories, Bones Buried in the Dirt (2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards® finalist, First Novel (under 80,000 words)) and The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes (2015 National Indie Excellence® Awards finalist in humor). His writing has appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Grey Sparrow Journal, Atticus Review and other literary magazines and journals. Learn more about David and his writing at www.davidsatkinsonwriting.com.

His novel Apocalypse All the Time was released by Literary Wanderlust in 2017.